Fury Laser Tag

Fury Laser Tag

A Laser Tag Experience is a highly engaging game that combines immersive environments and group play.  Our state of the art arena allows player to escape reality and enter the fantasy world. While inside the one of kind laser tag arena, you will mimic the experience of popular first-person shooter video games all while moving around! Players interact with larger than life props, detailed murals, effects lighting, vibrant colors, and music.

Fury Laser Tag is a fun and competitive laser tag game. Up to 26 players gear up and enter the futuristic space themed arena, battling it out to gain strategic positions and points

Players are briefed in the briefing room. They will learn the game rules, and then go to the vesting room where they put on the vests.

Laser tag can be book with any of your group event 

birthday party

team building

field trips

Private Facility Rental

Laser tag can also be purchased as admission:

1 Laser Tag Game      – $10     

2 Laser Tag Games    – $15    

3 Laser Tag Games    – $20

6 Laser Tag Games    – $36

12 Laser Tag Games  – $60


CLICK HERE for online purchase, all bundle laser tag tickets are available to purchase in store.