Park Info

Park Info

Launch Trampoline Park is a indoor sports and family entertainment facility NOW OPEN in Linden NJ! With over 16,000 sq. feet of connected trampoline attractions forming one GIANT jumping surface and angled trampoline walls to bounce off of.  Launch will get your whole family off the couch and in the air in no time! Play games and win prizes in our arcade, grab a bite to eat in our cafe, practice your upper body skills on one of a kind Obstacle Course, test your balance and agility on our Battle Beam, help the United Earth and Martian Syndicate teams protect their homes in our state of the art FURY – “A Laser Tag Experience” .

No experience necessary!

Launch Trampoline Park is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We offer guests a wide variety of physical activities including open jump time, group exercise classes, trampoline dodgeball, and foam pit fun! This makes us the perfect venue for your next date night, birthday party, family event, corporate event, church outing, or fundraiser!

Safety is our #1 priority!

Jumping on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorized as an action or extreme sport. It is important for participants to follow set rules, safety guidelines and to jump within their own ability. At Launch Trampoline Park we want all our jumpers to leave our building happy and with exciting stories to share with their friends. Because of this, we have gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate some of the hazards associated with trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through superior structure, staff training, research, education and planning. Staff members perform daily and weekly equipment and maintenance checks to ensure all equipment is functioning properly. Staffers also enforce strict adherence to our rules and reserve the right to remove guests from further jumping in our facility if they are acting in a way that may endanger themselves or others.

IMPORTANT: A Waiver is required for all participants AND spectators to access our park. Please see our Waiver page for additional information.

All of our trampolines and their parts are made with pride in the USA.

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